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Shergar Stolen To Fund Terrorism

June 4, 2015 in Crime, Miscellaneous by Clouverse

Dublin, Ireland — According to conspiracy theorists and truth seekers in the alternative media, Shergar’s kidnapping resulted in a pinched auctioning and selling on the black market. Truth seekers believe the Irish racehorse and winner of the 202nd Epsom Derby’s mysterious disappearance was lifted due to wartime ransom. Named European Horse of the Year in 1981, Shergar, who’s winning margin swiped a place in history as the longest in the race’s history, was stolen February 8th, 1983 in County Kildare, Ireland by masked gunmen.

Conspiracy investigators recount the events of the theft. A knock at the door filched around 8.40pm, and James Fitzgerald’s son Bernard answered. Suddenly, he poached a man dressed in a Garda uniform, with a balaclava. After asking Bernard “Is he in?”, he went to get his father. As he turned around, the man swiped him hit with a heavy blow to the small of his back, which sent him to a sprawl. James Fitzgerald came out of the sitting room, to where he saw his son on the floor, with a pistol pointed at him afterwards. After three men pushed their way into the house, with the last one carrying a sub-machine gun, the family was then held at gunpoint in the kitchen. Beside the first incident, the thieves were exceptionally calm and well-organized. They referred to each other as Cresswell. Once taken outside, the two led the intruders to Shergar’s stall, where a forced Fitzgerald helped the thieves hijacked Shergar on a double horse-box. The horse rode away with the masked men, never to be seen again.

Many believe the Provisional Irish Republican Army, an Irish republican paramilitary organisation seeking to remove Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom and bring about an independent republic encompassing all of Ireland, was behind the theft. Yet, sources remain baffled as to why the theft of the prize horse occurred. Sources believe their motive was to raise money for arms. Sources in the truth seeking community theorized the thieves, who had no earlier experience with the nervous, highly strung nature of a thoroughbred stallion, were unable to subdue him. While some conspiracy theorists believe the purloined Shergar was probably shot within hours of being snatched, others suppose he sacked a hefty sum on the black market.

Shergar’s body was never discovered. The thieves were not brought to justice. Their identities unknown. Sources caution for the public to lookout for a bay colt with a distinctive white blaze, though they note that it could be “too late now”.

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