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HIV/AIDs Disease Created For Population Control

June 4, 2015 in Health, Miscellaneous by Clouverse

Opelika, Alabama — According to conspiracy theories in truth-seeking communities, the HIV/AIDs disease is a human-made disease created for population control. The theory that scientists formed the immunodeficiency virus, which causes human immune system to weaken, in a laboratory remains fairly persistent within conspiracy circles. Many claim the disease was deliberately administered to African-Americans and homosexuals in the 1970s via tainted hepatitis vaccinations. Others claim a secretive agency such as the CIA administered HIV/AIDS in Africa as a way of crippling the continent’s development. But conspiracy theorist hold to the conviction that HIV/AIDs’ generation produces a purpose as a high level biological tool of human genocide. Sources in conspiracy circles cite the Tuskegee syphilis experiment as the origins for the disease’s implementation.

The infamous clinical study, conducted between 1931 to the 70’s by the U.S. Public Health Service, claimed to track the natural progression of untreated syphilis in rural African-American men. However the five decades study was later deemed unethical and deceptive. Men who believed they were receiving free health care from the U.S. government actually received very little medical attention, especially after infected with the sexually transmitted disease. The study was later discontinued, but the practice itself was carried into tradition over a decade later. Here, conspiracy theorists believe that the virus’ creation was an experiment, possibly used as biological or psychological warfare. Whether the virus then escaped into the population by accident or intention is debatable.

But not all conspiracy theorists are convinced that the virus’ creation was ergonomically advanced. Some believe profit shaped the motive. Believing HIV/AIDS creation a medical corporation scam, many conspiracy theorists believe the disease was an elaborated hoax used to scare the public into taking high-priced HIV medicine. Due to this, many in alternative media circles advance mainstream doctors are deliberately suppressing the cures for the virus, having incentives to do so by government regulations and business influences. The motive has maintained the multi-trillion dollar “HIV/AIDs industry”, sources say, in which corporation and government benefit. Since the costs for long-term treatment are generally higher than for a one-time cure, conspiracy theorists believe that medical practitioners’ motivation lie in administrating HIV medicine, which treat only the symptoms.

As well, many truth seekers believe in the non-existence of HIV/AIDS altogether. These HIV deniers believe much less in HIV testing validity and treatment methods, which they maintain doesn’t test for anything. AIDS denialism as a movement spread across the nation as claims that pharmaceutical companies, aligning with medical practitioners, “invent” new diseases to sell new HIV medicine. The movement itself arose after truth-seekers in conspiracy theory circles discovered “questionable data” in the medial records.

Conspiracy theorists maintain that each theories infects the same goal: that of global population control. “Whether created in a lab or spread by a “green monkey”, no one can deny this disease created a significant influence on the lives of many Americans.” AIDS has touched upon 31 million deaths worldwide since its discovery and over 31 million people are affected with HIV globally. Controversial HIV/AIDS treatments and cures is continually promoted by some alternative medical advisers.

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