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Ghosts Exists As Extraterrestrial Holograms

June 4, 2015 in Paranormal, UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life by Clouverse

Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin — Paranormal researchers discover the phenomenal creatures known as ‘paranormal ghosts’ are actually extraterrestrial holograms. Many researchers theorize paranormal ghosts were beings from another lifetime, or dimension, simply unaware of the dimension they haunt. Now, researchers concluded after systematic studies into the paranormal realm, when discovered ghost were “made of energy, very similar to that of a hologram”.

“Holographs involve lasers, interference, diffraction, light intensity recording and suitable illumination of the three-dimensional recording. When a wave encounters an obstacle or a slit, the wave is diffracted. Interference happens when two waves superpose to form a resultant wave of greater or lower amplitude, creating volume. We’ve witnessed both occurrences during the research.” Investigators saw that light reflects from the paranormal ghosts, at first suggesting a solid form. But the most interesting aspect researchers noticed is that when confronted with the ghost, it showed no reaction to the investigators. In fact, it carried out a series of repetitious movements, such as walking and floating, in nearly the same places of the experiment room. “All this time, when we thought paranormal ghosts searched for people or objects containing meaning to them and trapped in their own little world. They were in fact nothing more than a program executing a certain set of patterns. This is the smoking gun. Paranormal ghosts are not sentient, but very much like computer programs.”

For the reason they’re seemingly able to manifest at will to the living, researchers say paranormal ghosts need are “turned on” at a flick of the switch. When collaborating with ufologists, investigators were able to trace the light source to a dimension in low orbit. Sources as “if [the ghost holograms] project from UFOs in the sky, where are the UFOs?” Paranormal researchers suggest they are hiding behind quantum fields, out of sight from human perception. This would suggest alien involvement. So, how were investigators able to conduct their research despite the extraterrestrials’ awareness of them? “They probably were unaware of what we were studying, so let us continue.”

The nagging question is why. “We really aren’t sure.”

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