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EMP Bursts Could Induce Mass Heart Attack Assassinations

June 4, 2015 in Assassinations, Scientific by Clouverse

Anchorage, Alaska — According to truth seekers in conspiracy theory circles, the government may induce assassinations through health heart attacks using non-nuclear EMP technological devices. Sources believe this culminates into wide scale EMP attacks against the public.

EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy sources believe used as a weapon to narrow in on the internal organs of a target. These transient electromagnetic disturbances occur as radiated electric or magnetic field conducted through electric current depending on the source, natural or synthetic. EMP devices continue staple of science fiction since the sixties, yet widely left to the realm of science fiction. Sources believe, the dangers are real and the pulses occurs through artificial devices like those once saw on TV. “We all know TV influences the public perception of weaponry, either by preparing them for, or desensitizing them to future attacks. And since government technology is usually thirty-one years more advanced than what we see in the world today, it’s possible the government ready for this too.”

Conspiracy theorists considered the amount of damage an EMP attack could execute. “Since many of the assassinations of the Sixties caused a lot of stir and riots and frankly weren’t believable, the government may turn to electromagnetic pulses to kill dissents, especially those in the truth movement.” The advantages includes bloodless and quick. “Assassinations are messy and complicated. Plus, they backfire. An EMP attack has a higher success rate, as the technology will be able to pinpoint the target at the exact location.”

And sources believe that many conspiracy theorists executed in the past done so by inducing health heart attacks occur when the burst hits an optimum range in victims. “It would be the perfect crime, no convoluted plans or chances of botched attempts due to the weather or witnesses. Just pinpoint a place and press the button. The persons could go through health heart attacks occur when the blast hits maximum output and the corona would label it as a natural cause. Evidence it was through electromagnetic activity could dismiss as natural causes.” Currently, the electromagnetic pulse is too weak to affect relatively healthy hearts, but even this could change in the future. “It’s unnerving as the technology gets even more advanced. The government becomes more brazen in its attempts to kill off dissidents questioning the global plan. We’ll see more attacks worldwide.”

Believing EMP attacks will increase over the years to the status of “blue lighting” attacks, conspiracy theorists caution those “dissents” to stay indoors and stay away from vast expansive fields.

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